Village PSY (Ψ): Pinakates, Mount Pelion, 18-28 August
1st Encounter of Psychotherapies in the Mountain of the Centaurs entitled:
Centaur Chiron: Myth, Trauma, Therapy

Kondyli Publications are very pleased to announce a new project, Village PSY, Encounters in Psychotherapy, to be held between August 18-28, in Pinakates, a picturesque village on the slopes of Mount Pelion. This year's first encounter at Village PSY(Ψ), is entitled : "Centaur Chiron : Myth, Trauma , Therapy .".

Village PSY (Ψ)
The aim of the event is to make the Mountain of the Centaurs, known for its healing connotations and mythical past, and more specifically Pinakates, a protected with a presidential decree in 1979 traditional village, to become this coming summer and over time a meeting place for psychotherapists and people interested in self development. This year's theme touches many aspects of the psychotherapeutic process and initiates an open and fruitful interdisciplinary therapeutic dialogue.

Village PSY (Ψ) includes experiential workshops, presentations and parallel events. It is an ideal destination for those looking to combine their summer holidays with self-development.

Participants will have the opportunity to stay in guest houses in the village where breakfast and half board will be included.

Village PSY (Ψ) aims at:
-The exchange of knowledge and ideas through an open dialogue and experiential activities among people from the fields of psychotherapies and related sectors
-Spontaneous experiential expression, which gives space for personal development

Target Audience:
- Professionals and students from the fields of mental health, the humanities and related disciplines
- Individuals interested in self-development who wish to experiment with more expressive means of communication

A note of welcome by the organizers

Our hope and longing for the summer of 2016 and many more to come, is that, under the cool and flourishing shade of hundred year-old plane and chestnut trees, people with a common interest in the theoretical and experiential understanding of the concept" healing of the soul "and the importance of the natural environment in the therapeutic process, encouraged by experienced therapists, will come together , exchange views and knowledge and connect.

Pelion, a place of great natural beauty, harmoniously combines holidays in the mountains and by the sea. As a mythical and therapeutic place it awakens all the senses to provide inner peace and serenity. Village PSY , during times of turmoil and crisis ,not just for Greece, but for the whole of Europe, can become a place of meeting and contact, sharing and caring of the soul.

For Kondyli Publications
Dimitris Pantelis and Atalandi Apergi

Village PSY (Ψ)
Encounters in Psychotherapy
Subject: Chiron Centaur: Myth, Trauma,Therapy»

Daily program
-Morning session (10:30am to 13:00pm) Experiential workshops in nature or outdoor spaces in the village with up to 25 participants per facilitator.
-Evening session (20:30pm-22:00pm) A talk followed by a plenary session.

The program (divided in two four-day sessions ):
18 August      Arrivals / welcome
19 August      Person-Centered Approach
20 August      Music therapy
21 August      Playtherapy
22 August      Focusing Experiential Approach
23 August      Recreational Day with therapeutic horseriding
24 August      Existential Psychotherapy
25 August      Non Directional Psychotherapy (NDI)
26 August      Gestalt Psychotherapy
27 August      Dramatherapy
28 August      Departure

Participation fee with VAT
This includes participation in workshops and evening lectures

For reservations until 07/30/2016
-For four days 160 €, students / unemployed 100 €
-For the whole period 300 €, students / unemployed 200 €

For bookings from 01/08/2016
-For four days 250 €, students / unemployed 165 €
-For the whole period 400 €, students / unemployed 270 €

For anyone who is in the area and would like to attend a single workshop, this can be arranged upon request.
Participants will be given a certificate of attendance.

Accommodation and half board
Accomodation is provided in traditional guest houses in Pinakates and neighboring villages at affordable prices. The package includes half board in both of the village's tavernas. Accommodation and half-board costs 40 € per person per day (double room with twin beds). If someone wants exclusive use of the double room the price amounts to 65€ per day.

For those wishing to come with their children ( aged 4-12 years) there will be creative morning activities in a safe and stimulating environment provided at low cost.

Other activities in the area
In their free time (13:00 to 20:30) the participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and the variety of options offered by the region: to swim in the calm waters of Pagasitikos Gulf or in the clear turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, rest under the foliage of ancient trees, walk through the picturesque streets of Pinakates and the surrounding villages, go hiking on mountain trails, ride horses, taste fresh bread baked from a wood oven and a variety of homemade Pelion delicacies, visit the local Museums and take a ride on the little train of Pelion, the famous 'Moutzouris'.